What is the problem of our law enforcement exactly?

What is the problem of our law enforcement exactly?
“There’s no such thing like justice for all.” (Source: static.aqa.org.uk)

So, one of my friend suddenly chat me in Instagram and ask for my opinion about law enforcement in Indonesia. His question: 

Menurutmu, apakah penegakan hukum indonesia kedepan bergantung pada masa lalu indonesia? Misal kasus 98, pemberontakan pki, papua barat, gam dll..

For that question, I definitely answer no right away. A big big no. Supposedly no. Why? I said because it’s not included in ‘faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi penegakan hukum’ such as the law itself, the law enforcers, the law infrastructure and facility, the society, and the culture. Theoretical answer, lol.

After that my friend sent me a paper from Yap Thiam Hien Human Rights Lecture on 24 March 2017, titled “Looking Backward to Look Forwards: A Stronger Future for Indonesia Rooted in Justice”. I read it then I said to him, “I’ve read it, but I still don’t want to think that law enforcement depends on the history. It’s all about good and political will.”

I mean, all the impunity stuff not happen because there were once human right cases. The impunity itself is the problem of our law enforcement. Hey, the jurist once fight for exception of non-retroactive principle so there will be no such thing like impunity, right?
Regarding to the paper, if we talk about our country past sins I will happily say that the problem are us. Not the past. Why our country sins, why not our government sins? Because we, as a member of this nation also guilty for omission tho’ the court never give any of us a damn verdict. In fact we let our government, our law enforcers, and even ourself abusing our dear friends, our brothers and sisters across this country. Till now. Like a bunch of losers.

We let our country abuses some people right of justice, to be submit in a free and independent trial, and we even let some sinners moves freely while our dearest friends, brothers, and sisters still asking where the hell are their son, their daughter, their parents,  their husband, their wife, and their justice.

And how we connect the dots of the past with current law enforcement? I will easily say, after that so called Reform in 1998 nothing was change. Sure we have all of that media to complain, all that instrument to spit our bitterness with all things happen in our country, but still we are too good to stand for our friends, brothers, and sisters. We still blame a wife for begging the President for justice as a nagging old lady. That he can’t move on and don’t understand the President is so damn busy. Really guys? Is that even a good word to say for someone misfortune?

Oh and we even still easily say that the Papuans are total traitors when all they want are just freedom and independency to choose their own destiny. To be rich in their land of paradise. Not being sell and bargain like a piece of thing. They aren’t things. They are human beings. Capable to think and feel. Just like you.

So I would like to say that the biggest problem of our law enforcement are us. We see how the government and law enforcers straddling the law. We see how they not really interest with any human rights issues. We see how they don’t have any good or political will. But we embrace them, we don’t fight them, or easily we just close our eyes and our ears. We just don’t care. As long as it doesn’t affects us. Until one day, they bite you right in your head then you’ll cry like a baby. Hope someone to stand for you and help you dealing with that so called great government, great president, or great policy. Well done!