My Furball

I like cats since I was in elementary school. But, I never fond of cats as much as I love my cat now.

Meet Tabimbul, or Tabi/Mbul for short. You can call her Tabi but she more likely to responds if you call her Mbul. Mbul is a female cat. Born from a couple of peaknose persian and persia mix mainecoon. So she’s a quarter-mainecoon. That’s why she has long furs on her chest, a ruff around her neck, and wild but sweet personality (tsundere? LOL). Her Mom is white as snow and her Dad got a dark brown furs with slightly black tabby.

She was born on January 7th, 2016. And I met her later in March. From that day, I fell in love with her more and more everyday. This post dedicated to Mbul, my first cat that I love with all her curiosity, noisy, and playful personality. Eventhough she loves to bite me, interrupt my work, wreck my things, but still I will never hate her because of it.

Here some of her pics. I know you’ll also love her like I do 🙂

And the last one is her first day in my house. Look at how tiny she was and compare it to the previous pics ;). Thanks for reading and cheerio! 😁 


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